When You Feel Overwhelmed

You feel overwhelmed. The world is crashing down on you. In the chaos, you’re searching for answers. You’re praying for clarity. Have you ever felt this way? I have. Every year there’s a point where I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of unfinished assignments, neglected responsibilities, and job issues. I always come to this point where all I can do is cry … Continue reading When You Feel Overwhelmed

How to Bear Spiritual Fruit

My family is in a season of fruitfulness that quite honestly feels almost too good to be true. In seasons of fruitfulness, I think it’s important for us to reflect on how spiritual fruit is produced, so that we don’t take for granted the blessings we receive. What’s infinitely more important than the fruit on any given tree is the root structure and overall health … Continue reading How to Bear Spiritual Fruit

Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

What’s so wrong about sharing the gospel? I mean, why do Christians, myself included, so often feel guilty that we’re trying to share the Good News with our friends? It has become a stereotype in American culture that Christians are always trying to “convert” people, without actually loving them. Many times people are offended when Christians share the Good News because they feel dehumanized – … Continue reading Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

For the Brokenhearted

Most people would rather suffer broken bones than a broken heart. The former is but physical pain; the latter, however, transcends the corporal in its capacity to crush. It wounds not only the body, but also the mind, the ego, the spirit, the soul. I have suffered the blow of a broken heart and its unspeakable aftermath. I’d stare blankly at people when they talked … Continue reading For the Brokenhearted

How to Accomplish your Goals

Teens and young adults have a lot of energy and hormones raging in their systems. For many, the only outlet is a party! Unfortunately, this is never productive nor progressive. It’s a waste of time, energy and resources. Let me tell you that there is a better party that is productive, progressive and brings greater fulfillment. Let me breakdown this party for you: P.A.R.T.Y. PLAN … Continue reading How to Accomplish your Goals