Laying Everything At His Feet

A parent’s life is not all strawberries and roses. Bills are to be paid, mouths are to be fed, and food is to be bought. Clothes are needed as the children grow, and a good job seems necessary for the parent to be successful. When we start “Living to Work”, instead of “Working to live”, our lives can get severely out of balance. Someone put … Continue reading Laying Everything At His Feet

A Platform Fit For A King

This is a special article from author TinaLeAnn Bice. As Jesus himself was called to lead the people by his voice, to witness to the people of his land, and to teach those people the Way the Truth and the Life, Jesus has called me, as well as many others, to use our voices. I feel I’m called to use mine in a very different way, and on a very different … Continue reading A Platform Fit For A King