What If I Stumble?

Struggles. What can I do? Keith Green’s words echo through my mind. “No compromise”. I compromise every day it seems. What happened to me? I learn more and more about you, and fall in love you over and over. And over and over I reject you, turning from your love to the false love of the world. I wrote these lyrics a while back.

I have wandered so far.

It feels like I’m at the start again.

Trying to figure myself out.

I keep running away, then back into your arms.

That seems to be the story of my life. No matter how much you love me, reassure me, comfort me, give to me, I keep on rejecting you. I keep on letting go of you, but you never lose your grip on me. My loyalty is so week. Sometimes I sin. You don’t deserve this! And I don’t deserve you.

My sickening, destructive rebellion always brings me to this point. The point where I realize all over again how beautiful your love is for me. I realize how wretched I really am, and how perfect you are. I can’t justify the unconditional love you’ve showered over me, and I’m overwhelmed by it.

The fact that I am so sinful just amplifies your beauty in my mind. And once again I’m reminded that I’m free.

I’m free from sin

And because of what you’ve done, I’m forgiven.

You cover me, and you cleanse me, and you purify me. I’m made righteous because of you, and because of the indescribable thing you did. I can truly say “no” to temptation because of you. I’m clean, and I never want to go back.


It’s not fair. And I thank you for that.




2 thoughts on “What If I Stumble?

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your heart here Tim. What an amazing thing that Jesus washes us clean from all our sin when He saves us! It’s definitely not fair but it’s something worth celebrating.

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