VidAngel is Back for Good

VidAngel, the leading movie filtering service, is back in business… with a catch. The company is still in the midst of a lawsuit that began in 2016. While the battle against major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox, VidAngel has been resurrected in a less controversial way. In fact, their whole business model is completely changed. Instead of letting users buy … Continue reading VidAngel is Back for Good

Trusting God With Everything

Are you worried? Worry. Fear of the unknown. Sometimes you stand powerless in the face of the future and have nowhere to turn to but to the creator. There are times when problems keep you up at night. You try every possible way to solve them, but nothing works. Maybe it’s something at work. Maybe it’s a relationship. Perhaps it’s an illness. Suddenly, you realize … Continue reading Trusting God With Everything

Mandisa Releases New Album ‘Out of the Dark’

Mandisa’s latest album, Out of the Dark, is enjoyable to listen to, but also has a strong message of Christ’s redemptive power. The album is complete with catchy beats, strong lyrics, and contributions from industry-leading artists such as TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Kirk Franklin, and Jeremy Camp. As with all of Mandisa’s previous albums, Out of the Dark almost pure pop. However, it’s anything but typical. Lyrically, … Continue reading Mandisa Releases New Album ‘Out of the Dark’

How to Serve Without Becoming Overwhelmed

Why am I the only one doing this? Why are those kids playing games while I’m working? Doesn’t anyone realize that I could use a little help? These are some of the thoughts that commonly cross my mind as I serve in church. As you can probably tell, I don’t really like serving. It always seems like I’m the only one helping, even though I … Continue reading How to Serve Without Becoming Overwhelmed