Religion vs. Science

It’s a common myth that Christians deny science. I’ve heard countless atheists confidently separate truth into two different categories: religion and science. But is that a valid statement? When atheists use the phrase “religion vs. science” they are implying that religion is incompatible with science, as if the two disagree.¬†However, religion is not incompatible with science. Quite contrarily, what we’re really dealing with here is … Continue reading Religion vs. Science

Is Genesis History? An Interview With Dr. Del Tackett

Del Tackett is the former president of the Focus on the Family Institute. He’s also a brilliant proffeseur and has taught over 30 courses at three different schools. In 2016, Tackett interviewed over a dozen Creationist scientists (who believe in the 6-day account of creation) to learn more about the world through a biblical perspective. Those interviews are featured in a phenomenal new documentary called … Continue reading Is Genesis History? An Interview With Dr. Del Tackett