Anthem Lights’ New Album Drops October 13th

The popular Christian group Anthem Lights has announced their crowdfunded album’s release! Anthem Lights has been around for awhile, but in the past couple years the band has gone through many drastic changes. Probably the biggest shift is the change in lead singers. Alan Powell moved on in early 2016 and decided to focus on his acting career (he is now working on a Pilgrim’s … Continue reading Anthem Lights’ New Album Drops October 13th

Mandisa Releases New Album ‘Out of the Dark’

–update: The giveaway associated with this record review has ended– Mandisa’s latest album, Out of the Dark, is enjoyable to listen to, but also has a strong message of Christ’s redemptive power. The album is complete with catchy beats, strong lyrics, and contributions from industry-leading artists such as TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Kirk Franklin, and Jeremy Camp. As with all of Mandisa’s┬áprevious albums, Out of the … Continue reading Mandisa Releases New Album ‘Out of the Dark’

Jamie Grace to Release New Album

Yes, it is true! Jamie Grace has announced, rather discretely, that she is finalizing her latest album, and it will be available… Drum role please. February 10, 2017! It has been awhile since Jamie has released an album, and listeners only got a taste of her new music with the recent release of her single, “Party Like A Princess”. The song showed a dramatic shift … Continue reading Jamie Grace to Release New Album

MercyMe Announces New Album

MercyMe has been around for awhile. Their first album was released in 2001, entitled ‘Almost There’. In 2004, they released an album with their hit song, ‘Homesick’, which is still plays on the radio occasionally. However, their real claim to fame came in 2009, with their song, ‘I Can Only Imagine’, which quickly climbed the Christian charts and made a lasting impression of Christians in … Continue reading MercyMe Announces New Album