My Quest for Truth

These past couple of weeks I’ve had conversations with a number of people, all with their own views and convictions about Christianity. Honestly, it’s been hard to sort out truth from all the noise. I know someone who believes in Jesus, but also considers herself a medium and psychic. I also have a close friend who is a staunch Catholic, and others who have different …

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HeavenQuest movie

Exclusive | The Making of HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress

If you’ve been following the news on Secondly Magazine, we are excited to see that HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress, is in post-production and set to be released in 2018.  We don’t see too many fantasy films in the Christian genre, so this is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the message behind John Bunyan’s classic novel written in 1678, as well as …

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Christian Movies coming 2018

Top 7 Faith-Based Movies Coming 2018

This year is set to be one of the biggest years in faith-based cinema. There’s a large number of Christian movies set to be released in the near future. Ironically, most of them are being released within a couple weeks of each other! Here are the top 7 faith-based movies coming 2018! HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress Coming late 2018, this movie is a prequel to …

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Religion vs. Science

It’s a common myth that Christians deny science. I’ve heard countless atheists confidently separate truth into two different categories: religion and science. But is that a valid statement? When atheists use the phrase “religion vs. science” they are implying that religion is incompatible with science, as if the two disagree. However, religion is not incompatible with science. Quite contrarily, what we’re really dealing with here is …

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Is Perfectionism a good thing or a bad thing?

Perfectionism: Good or Bad?

Is perfectionism good or bad according to the Bible? So be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48 Whoa, wait a second. Is that verse even from the Bible? It seems to go against everything society, even Christian culture, is screaming in my ears! I’ve heard so often that perfectionism is a bad thing that I’ve started to believe it. But is pursuing perfection …

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