Anthem Lights’ New Album Drops October 13th

The popular Christian group Anthem Lights has announced their crowdfunded album’s release! Anthem Lights has been around for awhile, but in the past couple years the band has gone through many drastic changes. Probably the biggest shift is the change in lead singers. Alan Powell moved on in early 2016 and decided to focus on his acting career (he is now working on a Pilgrim’s … Continue reading Anthem Lights’ New Album Drops October 13th

Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

What’s so wrong about sharing the gospel? I mean, why do Christians, myself included, so often feel guilty that we’re trying to share the Good News with our friends? It has become a stereotype in American culture that Christians are always trying to “convert” people, without actually loving them. Many times people are offended when Christians share the Good News because they feel dehumanized – … Continue reading Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

‘Trust Fund’ Movie Review

Trust Fund is a movie loosely based on the prodigal son story. It was released earlier this year. The story follows Reese Donahue (Jessica Roth), who seems averted to doing anything but shopping… oh, and writing. She’s been working on her first novel for a couple years, but in the meantime, her dad (Kevin Kilner) wants her to work for his publishing company. Not only … Continue reading ‘Trust Fund’ Movie Review

‘Altar Egos’ Movie Review + Giveaway

When I first discovered Altar Egos, I knew I had to watch it. Why? Because it was a comedy starring Robert Amaya. The actor first displayed his talent in the beloved Courageous movie, then established himself as a loveable, funny actor in 2014’s Mom’s Night Out and 2015’s Unlimited. Altar Egos follows the story of Pastor John (Robert Amaya), who struggles to fill his father’s … Continue reading ‘Altar Egos’ Movie Review + Giveaway

The Genesis Movie: An Interview with Eric Hovind

In the past century, evolution has sprung up as the popular alternative to God himself. The belief that every living being is descended from a common ancestor – a single-celled organism – is now taught in schools across the nation. Even some Christians have begun to accept macro evolution (more on that later) as fact, and have tried to compromise the secular belief with their … Continue reading The Genesis Movie: An Interview with Eric Hovind

What Movies Should Christians Watch?

What movies should Christians watch? Most articles on this topic either say “it’s different for everyone”, or “this is what most Christians do.” Those answers are hard for me to swallow because I believe morals are absolute. What is “right” and “wrong” is determined by God alone and is not relative to individuals. No matter how sensitive or tough you are, or what your personal conclusions … Continue reading What Movies Should Christians Watch?

5 Christian Movies In Production 2017

There are so many great movies headed to theaters in the next few years! Here are some faith-based movies currently in production. I Can Only Imagine Release Date: 2018 From the Erwin Brothers (Mom’s Night Out, Woodlawn) comes the story behind the record-breaking song ‘I Can Only Imagine’. The movie follows the story of Bart Millard, the lead singer of the chart-topping Christian band MercyMe. … Continue reading 5 Christian Movies In Production 2017