‘Paul: Apostle of Christ’ Hits Theaters

The Erwin Brothers’ new movie I Can only Imagine shattered expectations last week at the box office and analysts are still in shock. Meanwhile, another studio is gearing up for a major faith-based motion picture release. Affirm Films, a Sony division that used to be at the forefront of the Christian film industry with hits like Heaven is for Real and Miracles from Heaven is attempting to continue their success with Paul: Apostle of Christ. Here are my thoughts on the film, and stick around until the end for a giveaway!

Based on the trailer and early word of mouth, Paul: Apostle of Christ sounds like it will be a very good movie. Unlike mainstream blockbusters that completely failed to deliver (think Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings), Sony proved they could make a biblical epic that both entertained and inspired with Risen a couple years back. In other words, I have faith in this studio. They’ve done it before!

This movie will focus on the lives of Paul and Luke (Jim Caviezel), as well as the early church. There is a twist at the end, so be sure to watch it for yourself! The film’s release date is March 23rd.

And now for the giveaway! Thanks to Collide Media Group and Columbia Tristar Marketing (I know, it’s a mouthful), Secondly Magazine is hosting a giveaway for two tickets to see Paul: Apostle of Christ in theaters!


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