Jump Off a Cliff

It’s going to be alright.

All the struggles, hurt, and pain.

You’re in a war – a terrible, beautiful war that spans all of history.

That’s where the comfort is found. Your battles are not meaningless. They have significance. They’re part of the war.

The war. You know whose side you’re on. God has won this war – it’s done, finished. You can taste the sweet victory because Jesus won on a wooden cross 2000 years ago!

You’re not on a roller coaster. Roller coasters are predictable. They always end where they started.

No, you’re jumping off a cliff.

You’re soaring through the air.

He’ll catch you in the wind.

He’ll always be right there.

Who knows what God has planned for you? Maybe that’s the exciting part. The unpredictability. The sheer bliss. The wonder. The beauty.

There is no risk here! You have nothing to lose! Live wholeheartedly for your creator! He loves you, he wants you, so let go.


I don’t know if your life will have a happy ending. I don’t know if you’ll win your battles. But this I know: The war is already won.

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