Christian Movies coming 2018

Top 7 Faith-Based Movies Coming 2018

This year is set to be one of the biggest years in faith-based cinema. There’s a large number of Christian movies set to be released in the near future. Ironically, most of them are being released within a couple weeks of each other! Here are the top 7 faith-based movies coming 2018!

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress


Coming late 2018, this movie is a prequel to the beloved book by John Bunyan. There have been a number of attempts to bring Pilgrim’s Progress to life on the silver screen. Most notably, director Danny Carrales created the 2008 adventure film Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven. However, this new movie is unlike anything previously seen. Starring Alan Powell (of Anthem Lights fame) among others, HeavenQuest is an “action-packed and gritty” fantasy for the whole family.

Release date: unknown


The timeless biblical narrative is a story of hope, betrayal, and redemption.  It’s a wonder nobody has made a movie about Samson in the past 10 years, except these guys. Recently, Pure Flix decided to make their own movie about Samson, filmed in South Africa. With a decent budget, it looks like this action movie will deliver. Pure Flix’s earlier attempts at creating biblical epics were more or less epic failures (check out their Esther movie). However, there’s still hope! The official trailer is expected to be released soon.

Release date: February 16, 2018

Mary Magdalene

It’s hard to tell what this movie is going to be about. Directed by Garth Davis (LION) and starring Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene, this movie is a mostly-fictional telling of the relationship Mary Magdalene had with Jesus. The cinematography looks beautiful and the sets are stunning. However, it’s quite possible Universal Pictures’ new project will be controversial. Only time will tell.

Release date: March 30, 2018

Paul: Apostle of Christ

From Affirm Films comes another movie based on the Bible! This apparent follow-up to 2016’s Risen, Paul: Apostle of Christ tells the story of Paul in his last days. The movie stars James Faulkner as Luke and Jim Caviezel as Luke. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much, but the studio recently released a video with behind-the-scenes interviews. It seems this new Christian movie has heart and sincerity!

Release date: March 28, 2018

God’s Not Dead 3

The first God’s Not Dead film was a smash hit. It was a unique film with riveting story-telling. The second installment was successful, though not as the first was. In 2018, Pure Flix is hoping to make another hit with God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness. Are audiences really asking for a third God’s Not Dead film? We’ll see! This time the movie centers on David A.R. White’s character (Pastor Dave) as he deals with conflicts with the local college after his church is burned down.

Release date: March 30

Unbroken: Path To Redemption


While Pure Flix is trying to bring in new talent, they’ve recruited veteran director Harold Cronk to direct a sequel to Angelina Jolie’s 2014 blockbuster Unbroken. This movie will give audiences a glimpse of Louis Zamperini’s life after the war, as well as his journey to faith in Christ. The movie will feature an all-new cast and will be released late 2018. This is Pure Flix’s first real foray into historical drama. Meanwhile, whatever happened to Harold Cronk’s other project?

Release date: unknown

I Can Only Imagine

The Erwin Brothers have already created some of the best Christian movies out there, including October Baby, Mom’s Night Out, and Woodlawn. In 2018 they’re releasing their latest project, I Can Only Imagine. The new movie follows the young Bart Millard (from the band MercyMe) as he struggles to reach success as a musical artist while being haunted by his past. Essentially, the film is the story behind the song. The movie is set in what some call the “golden age” of contemporary Christian music.

Release date: March 16, 2018


Of all these movies, which ones are you excited about seeing the most? Please let us know in the comments below!



23 thoughts on “Top 7 Faith-Based Movies Coming 2018

      1. Hi Tim – you might also look into “The Reliant” starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts. This should be releasing soon.

        1. That may be a good one, and it will be interesting how it turns out. However, it comes with an external political message on gun control, and for that reason it’s not on this list.

          1. I thought it was pro. Either way, it’s not getting on the list. Any other movies you would suggest?

          2. Hah, yeah that’s what I meant: anti gun-control (got the dash wrong).

            I actually really enjoyed the movies Ragamuffin, about Rich Mullins’ life, and Silence, about Catholic missionaries in Japan when Christianity was illegal. Both are out already, but they seem to have flown under the radar compared to a lot of these more Hollywood-style movies.

            Not sure about new ones coming out, though I’ll watch The Resurrection, Mel Gibson’s sequel to The Passion of the Christ, when it comes out too.

          3. I never watched Ragamuffin (still waiting for the Keith Green biopic), but I heard it’s good. Have you heard about ‘On Wings Like Eagles’? That Chinese-financed film really flew under the radar. It’s about the later years of Eric Liddell.

      1. Interesting you say that! Actually, I thought the first two movies were pretty good. Reviewers (especially secular reviewers) often dismiss them because they supposedly demonize atheists, but I think the films are more about standing up for what you believe in.

  1. Can’t wait for these to come out to take my granddaughter to. Thanks to all these brave souls for keeping God alive in the movie industry. Not a movie goer because of the crap out there, but these I will support. Keep um coming.

  2. Like them all I have passion of the Christ watching it really made me break into uncontrollable crying as to how could they be doing that to Him my SAVOUR JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVOUR I love Him so much I wish that everyone could feel what I feel about Him Who hung up on that cross and took my stinch of sin with Him thank God I am free.

    1. Amen Edward! And it’s so convicting when we realize that could have been us. We could have been the ones yelling “crucify him”, but He loves us anyway!

  3. Movies are an art form and expression of speech. What a beautfully way to share God with the world. The world needs to see and hear about God’s love for each and everyone of us. We would forget that there is hope, love, Grace , healing and forgiveness if we did not find ways to share His message. I put all poltical things aside when watching these types of movies. Politics are not the ruling theme. There is enough ugliness and hatred going on where politics are the culprit. Let these movies being you , whomever you are, the light , love and hope for mankind. Anyone can learn to love if they desire to do so. Let us wipe out hatred with love. Let God rule, after all , it is His. We all are His. I will watch these movies. Thank you guys for making them

  4. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing I can only Imagine as well as Paul, apostle of Christ because the trailer interests it starrs Jim Caviezel and he was great in Passion of the Christ!

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