Anthem Lights’ New Album Drops October 13th

The popular Christian group Anthem Lights has announced their crowdfunded album’s release!

Anthem Lights has been around for awhile, but in the past couple years the band has gone through many drastic changes. Probably the biggest shift is the change in lead singers. Alan Powell moved on in early 2016 and decided to focus on his acting career (he is now working on a Pilgrim’s Progress prequel called HeavenQuest), passing on the torch to Spencer Kane.

Since Powell’s departure, Anthem Lights has continued to grow in popularity, with YouTube covers reaching an average of 500,000 views each.A few months back, the group launched a successful Kickstarter campaign which managed to raise over $84,000 for the project. Fans are waiting in eager anticipation for the band’s latest release, which will feature the first original songs by Anthem Lights with Kane on board.

In celebration of the release, Anthem Lights will play live at various locations around New York, and soon after join Sadie Robertson on her “Live Original” tour.

The new record, entitled Painted Skies, will be released on all platforms on October 13th!

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