Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

What’s so wrong about sharing the gospel? I mean, why do Christians, myself included, so often feel guilty that we’re trying to share the Good News with our friends?

It has become a stereotype in American culture that Christians are always trying to “convert” people, without actually loving them. Many times people are offended when Christians share the Good News because they feel dehumanized – they feel like they have been whittled down to a “soul to be saved”, and nothing more.

A large majority of Americans simply feel uncomfortable about discussing religion. Some are sensitive on the topic and feel offended when their close friends bring it up.

As Christians, what are some ways we have dealt with this problem?

1) We’ve become undercover evangelists

Many of us have attempted to employ strategy. We’ve brought up our faith in creative ways. In other words, we’ve become undercover evangelists. We’ve tried to hide the fact that our intention is to tell them the truth of God’s Word.

But how can we pretend? When we hide our intentions it gives the impression that the gospel isn’t important enough to purposefully share.

We can’t share the truth unless we’re being truthful.

2) We’ve become casual evangelists

I think most Christians fall under this category. We sit back and wait for God to give us easy opportunities to share the gospel in a way that is comfortable and doesn’t feel strained.

But the truth isn’t always comfortable! We have to be willing to share the gospel, even if it’s offensive. Their eternal destination is more important than their temporary feelings.

3) We’ve given up

This is the worst place to be. Sometimes we feel like the most important thing is to show our friends and neighbors love.

Yes, love is crucial to sharing the gospel. Love in action is proof that the gospel has a transforming quality to it. It gives us credibility when we do share the gospel.

But how can we love our friends and neighbors without telling them about Jesus?


So what’s the solution to the evangelist stereotype in America? Is it strategy? Comfort? Should we just give up?

No. The solution is to be genuine.  Show love and share the gospel.

Tell people about Jesus because you truly care about them, and make sure they know it. They’re not assignments. They’re not “souls to be saved”. They’re people – our friends, our family, our neighbors.

Show love and share the gospel.




3 thoughts on “Guilty of Sharing the Gospel?

  1. Wow, great article, Tim. It’s easy to fall into any one of these three categories (or all three!) without even realizing it. The gospel is something to be shared – not because we have to have a certain number of converts, but because we love the people around us enough to tell them the truth. Thanks so much for sharing!

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