‘Trust Fund’ Movie Review

Trust Fund is a movie loosely based on the prodigal son story. It was released earlier this year. The story follows Reese Donahue (Jessica Roth), who seems averted to doing anything but shopping… oh, and writing. She’s been working on her first novel for a couple years, but in the meantime, her dad (Kevin Kilner) wants her to work for his publishing company.

Not only is she disgusted with the idea, but she soon finds out that her mother (who passed away) left her and her sister a large inheritance – and her father never told her about it. This prompts her to steal the sum from her dad’s company and run away to Italy, where her boyfriend starts using the money for his own gain.

The first half of the film, like I said before, is a prodigal son story… except with a daughter. However, when she returns in tears to her forgiving father, the storyline wanders and transforms itself into a complicated love story. You heard that right.

Overall, Trust Fund is an enjoyable film, complete with admirable camera-work and great acting from all the cast. The setting is also gorgeous, giving viewers a glimpse into the heart of Italian culture.

On the other hand, Trust Fund tries to mix too many plots into a single film, amounting to an odd combination. Perhaps the most outlandish scene is when Reese’s father suddenly gets married without telling his daughters. Hey, why not?

Trust Fund is produced by Mapelle films and distributed by Inspired Family Entertainment. The film is available on DVD.

Have you watched Trust Fund? What are your thoughts?

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