‘Altar Egos’ Movie Review + Giveaway

When I first discovered Altar Egos, I knew I had to watch it. Why? Because it was a comedy starring Robert Amaya. The actor first displayed his talent in the beloved Courageous movie, then established himself as a loveable, funny actor in 2014’s Mom’s Night Out and 2015’s Unlimited.

Altar Egos follows the story of Pastor John (Robert Amaya), who struggles to fill his father’s shoes as pastor of the local church. When he realizes the elderly members of the church won’t listen to anyone “outside their generation”, he comes up with a genius plan: disguise himself as an old person.

The film is a hilarious comedy for the whole family. The characters are quirky and comical, and the actors and actresses do a great job in their roles. The storyline starts out promising, but at times it gets a little too crazy. For example, there’s a completely unnecessary┬áscene where Pastor John’s son (also disguised as a senior citizen) does the wobble song at a barn dance.

For the most part, however, Altar Egos is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. After all, it is a comedy, and it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Besides the obvious comedic moments, there’s also a lot of heart to this movie. Throughout his experience under disguise, Pastor John learns invaluable information into the lives of his congregants – and the true reason they’re stubborn.

Altar Egos is an outlandish, hilarious movie, perfect for some laughs.

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