Hell Is For Real

Hell is real.

So many people try to avoid this. They omit the word from their sermons, skip over it when sharing the gospel, and ignore it when studying God’s Word.

After all, why would a loving God allow His own people to be condemned to such an awful place – a place of agony and torture beyond human comprehension? If God so loved the world that He sent Jesus to literally die for us, why would He let some people go to hell?

When Jesus hung on that piece of wood with metal piercing His hands and every sin the world has ever known on His shoulders, He said this: “It is finished”.

I think of it as the climax of human history. The point in time that time itself is built around. It’s the end of all things old, and the beginning of all things new.

When Jesus said, “It is finished”, He had done everything in His power to save His people.

He washed away all of our crushing sins and made it possible for our purity and righteousness to be restored. Jesus gave His life for us so that we could be with Him. He accepted us as His own children.

If that’s true, why do some people go to hell?

Sin is┬árebellion against God. When we sin, we can’t abide with God. Our rebellion separates us from Him. Because of that, Hell is the natural consequence of sin. Jesus defeated sin on a cross 2000 years ago, but if we keep on living in our sin and rebellion, Hell in inevitable.

It’s not God’s fault that so many people go to hell every day. He’s standing there with arms open wide, waiting for His people to run to Him and accept Him as Lord.

Jesus gave His life to us. We need to give our lives to Him. God accepts us as His own children. We need to accept Him as our own Father.


Love goes both ways.

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  1. Great reminder, Tim! A relationship requires two people who communicate and get to know one another. When one person doesn’t put enough effort into the relationship, it’s not the other person’s fault if the relationship falls through. It’s like that with God too. We blame Him for things that are actually our own fault. Thanks for writing!

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