The Land of the Free

July 4th.

Yes, Americans make a big deal about that one day in the middle of summer vacation. As you open the windows, you can feel the warm breeze. You hear neighbor kids laugh as they play and you smell the wonderful aroma of meat on a grill. American flags are everywhere.

It seems like everyone is just a bit happier than average.

Why? What makes the 4th of July so special? It’s Independence Day. It marks the date when some important people in a dusty room signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring separation from Britain and outlining their grievances.

It’s more than that, though. The 4th of July is about freedom.  It’s the day we celebrate liberty, and freedom from oppression.

I’m a Christian. Because of that, the 4th of July means a lot more than just freedom from Britain. It’s the day I celebrate my freedom in Christ.  I’m no longer shackled by my sins. I’m no longer a slave to rebellion. I am freed!

But freedom isn’t free. Just like countless soldiers died on the battlefield to fight for their families and their freedom in the Revolutionary War, our freedom from sin came with a price tag.

This 4th of July, celebrate the freedom the United States has from Britain. Beyond that, remember the freedom we have, as sons and daughters of the only righteous king, to live free from sin! Remember Jesus, our Savior!

As the fireworks light up the sky, think of the one who broke through our darkness to give us Life.




7 thoughts on “The Land of the Free

  1. I like your take on independence Tim. True freedom is the one we got from Jesus.

    “As the fireworks light up the sky, think of the one who broke through our darkness to give us Life.” You should turn that into a poster. Love it!

  2. Well you never know! Great things usually start of as a joke. As the guys who got left behind in Noah ‘s flood!

    On a serious note though, that last phrase really struck a cord in my heart.

  3. Happy July 4th, Tim! Thanks for this reminder here about what we as Christians should be celebrating this Independence Day.

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