Mayflower II: An Interview with Movie Director Greg Lammiman

There are few films that venture out into the unknown – pushing the boundaries and charting new territories. Greg Lammimam ‘s new project Mayflower II is one of those films. It’s a smart, action-packed science fiction flick from a Christian perspective. Recently Secondly Magazine had the honor of catching up with Greg to talk about the movie. Here’s the interview!

Secondly Magazine: Tell us about your new film, Mayflower II.

Greg Lammiman: During a time of political correctness gone mad, Christians find themselves in the crosshairs of feuding totalitarian government officials and anarchist terrorist rebels. Like it’s namesake, the Mayflower II is commissioned to help persecuted families escape – this time to the unknown of space.


A scene from Mayflower II. Photo courtesy of


SM: What makes your movie different from other films in the sci-fi genre?

GL: It gives answers. You might call this a dystopian film, but the difference is that it gives answers rather than just presenting a world of despair.

SM: What strategies did your team employ to create convincing special effects on a budget? Did you use a visual effects company?

GL: My partner and son, Dallas, has trained himself over the years to become a special effects artist. This film has over 700 visual effects shots. I would guess Dallas personally made 600 of those.

Dallas also trained me to do a few simple jobs and our friends Jonathan Shutz and Benjamin Curlee also contributed some shots. We did hire some rotoscoping near the end as well.


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An example of Dallas Lammiman’s special effects work. Photo courtesy of


SM: Is the movie completed, or are you still working on post-production?

GL: We have completed visual effects. The final part of the process is for our sound specialist to add foley (custom sound effects), ADR, backgrounds and to polish things. We are hoping he will be finished by the beginning of August.

SM: When will Mayflower II be released? Where are you in the distribution process?

GL: We will be determining our release date after the sound work are completed. We are confident we will be able to distribute it through the same channels as our last film, My Grandpa Detective.


Greg Lammiman behind the scenes of Mayflower II. Photo courtesy of


SM: What impact will Mayflower II have? How do you hope God will use it?

GL: We are praying that this film will alert sleeping believers to the very real possibility of persecution and the courage that will be required to remain faithful. To prepare for that time we need to solidify our faith and be careful not to slip into a passive compromise with the world.


SM: What universal themes are presented in the movie? Does it have a moral message?

GL: Courage is not the absence of fear and it’s not merely acting in spite of our fear. It’s the fear of God being greater than the fear of man.


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