VidAngel is back

VidAngel is Back for Good

–Update: Sony’s “clean version” movie option has been temporarily disabled, due to complaints from film directors.–


VidAngel, the leading movie filtering service, is back in business… with a catch.

The company is still in the midst of a lawsuit that began in 2016. While the battle against major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox, VidAngel has been resurrected in a less controversial way.

In fact, their whole business model is completely changed. Instead of letting users buy films individually for $20, and sell them back the next day in exchange for $19 of VidAngel credit, the company is now connecting to streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix to stream movies. Here’s the catch: there’s a monthly fee.

VidAngel now allows customers to pay $7.99/mo, in addition to the Amazon/Netflix fees. They are currently offering the first month free, and also claim that previous customers can use their VidAngel credit towards their monthly fee. Also, it appears that VidAngel won’t be able to filter films from any of the companies that sued them.

The streaming service is going to be made available on Hulu, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, and Showtime in the upcoming months.

Here’s the deal: VidAngel is back, but it’s far more expensive. Though they’re still the most popular, polished, and customizable filtering service (with funny and clever advertising), there are some new alternatives that beg to be discussed.

Clear Play recently announced that they would stream select movies from Amazon (after being blocked from using Google Play). That means that users can rent movies from Amazon and filter them for $1 extra from Clear Play. Currently, they are offering the first month free.

Sony seems to have realized that movie filtering is a profitable business. They are now offering a limited library of their films to be streamed in their clean versions through streaming services such as iTunes, Fandango Now, and Vudu at no additional cost. However, the movies are only from Sony, and there is no customization in the filtering.



Finally, I think Pure Flix deserves an honorable mention. Their library of already clean films has become a staple in many Christian families around the globe. They made a deal with Clear Play to filter their movies. They want to make it possible for them to acquire more movies and be able to filter them for their library. However, this feature is not yet available.

Filtering has made it possible for countless Christians to watch popular films they would not feel comfortable watching regularly. It allows them to enjoy the entertainment without the swearing, violence, and sexual content. We wholeheartedly support movie filtering, and are excited to see that it’s back!

Movie filtering is alive and well!


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    1. I know, I feel the same way. It’s nice to know there are other options though. In fact, new companies are springing up everywhere it seems. Cleanstreamit, SaferFlix, Sony’s new filtering program… it’s easier than ever to filter movies, and I think that’s good news!

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