‘Victor’ Movie Reigns Victorious

It’s not often that you come across a film that was released first in Puerto Rico and then in the US. Victor, which was made some time ago, but only found distribution this year, is a story of one kid’s struggle with drug addiction. Young Victor gets involved in a local street gang soon after his family settles down in Brooklyn, NY. In the gang, his “friends” pressure him into taking drugs, and before long he’s knee deep in drug addiction.

I fully enjoyed Victor. It’s not a feel-good movie. It was not created to make millions at the box office. However, the creators poured themselves into this film – it is evident. It’s truly a powerful movie and portrays the true story of Victor Torres in an intimate and touching way.


The cinematography and camera work were commendable. The crew of this production effectively blended into the background and let the story be told. Also, the 1960s New York was recreated fabulously. From the costume design to the automobiles and buildings, everything fit.

The casting of this film couldn’t have been better. Patrick Davis plays a vibrant, lovable Victor, whose innocence is soon lost to drug abuse. Supporting cast, namely Josh Pence (the local pastor), and Lisa Vidal (as Victor’s mom), were excellent in their roles. They collectively brought a genuine emotional component to the already powerful movie.

The best part of Victor is the story. It follows Victor Torres from the beginning of his journey to the very end. Viewers see Victor’s friendly, caring, and joyful personality before he starts to drown in addiction. With drugs come a complete transformation from the bright young Victor to a broken teen enslaved by a feeling. Perhaps the best part of the film is the restoration Victor experiences with total surrender to Christ.


I do have one caution to anyone who’s reading this. Like I said before, Victor is not a feel-good film. It deals with some heavy issues. While the camera never directly shows drug intake, it definitely shows the effects. On the same note, there are a couple uses of slight vulgarity. I would suggest taking a look at the movie’s Dove Foundation page to determine if you’d be comfortable watching the film.


Victor is now available on DVD and can be streamed via Christian Cinema. Enjoy!





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