Is Genesis History? An Interview With Dr. Del Tackett

Del Tackett is the former president of the Focus on the Family Institute. He’s also a brilliant proffeseur and has taught over 30 courses at three different schools. In 2016, Tackett interviewed over a dozen Creationist scientists (who believe in the 6-day account of creation) to learn more about the world through a biblical perspective.

Those interviews are featured in a phenomenal new documentary called Is Genesis History?,  a masterfully woven case for the literal interpretation of Genesis! As I watched the film, I was compelled by the evidence, but also the clarity in which it was presented.

Dr. Del Tacket in his documentary Is Genesis History? Photo courtesy of Compass Cinema.

Secondly Magazine recently had the wonderful opportunity to ask Del Tackett some questions about his film.

Secondly Magazine: How is ‘Is Genesis History?’ different from other documentaries from a Creationist perspective?

Del Tackett: It’s the first time a documentary has looked at the positive case for Creation and the Flood from a Biblical perspective.  We also spend time looking at some basic ideas in the philosophy of science, particularly the way paradigmatic thinking influences the way one interprets data.

SM: Why do you think the questions the documentary brings up are relevant, and important, within the Body of Christ today?

DT: I think there are a lot of Christians who open up their Bibles to the first pages and read that God created the world in six days not very long ago and that He sent a global flood to destroy the entire world.  Those same Christians hear from movies and classrooms and books that that particular history recorded in Genesis can’t be trusted or isn’t accurate.  As a result, a lot of Christians feel intellectual tension over these competing views of history.  Our goal is to show that it’s quite reasonable to take the entire Bible as an accurate book of history.

SM: How do you hope the documentary will impact Christians as they watch it?

DT: I hope Christians will be reaffirmed in their commitment to the authority of the complete Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.


SM: There’s an impressive line-up of scientists, historians, etc. that you interview in the film. What made you decide to interview these individuals in particular?

DT: Although there are a lot of great scientists involved in Creation research, there are always decisions that must be made in “casting”:  Were they an expert in a topic we needed covering? Were they veterans in the field? Had they published a decent amount on the area they would be talking on? Were they respected by their peers?  

There were many other scientists I wished I could have included, but in some cases we just didn’t have a place in this documentary for their particular expertise.

SM: In the documentary, you mention that Christians need to interpret Genesis as it is, and not through the lens of a secular worldview. Can you expand on that idea?

DT: One of the misconceptions about the world is that “facts” can speak for themselves.  They cannot.  Everything needs a conceptual framework to interpret data within, whether it is scientific data, theological data, historical data, etc.  These are called paradigms.  In this case, we are looking at two different historical paradigms: one that derives from the historical timeline of Genesis, assuming it is an accurate book of history from beginning to end, and one that derives from the naturalistic view of the world that was developed in the 18th/19th-centuries during the Enlightenment.

These are really two competing views of history in terms of length of time and events that happened within that time.  It’s not a matter of interpreting Genesis “as it is,” but interpreting the world through the historical framework provided by Genesis.

SM: Where can viewers buy ‘Is Genesis History’?

DT: The film is available on DVD, Blu-ray and for download on our website – – or on sites like Amazon,, Google Play and iTunes.




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