‘Victor’ Movie Tells True Story of Redemption

‘Victor’, the movie, was released in theaters March 24th, 2017.

The film has largely gone under the radar, with almost no recognition whatsoever. It seems almost a miracle that I happened to stumble across it the day it was released in select theaters. The film seems to be similar to the timeless ‘The Cross and The Switchblade’, which was released way back in 1970. ‘Victor’ tells the story of Victor Torres who, similar to Nicky Cruz, moved to the US after being born in Puerto Rico.


Victor and his family moved to Brooklyn, NY, in the early 1960s. They were, like most immigrants, in search of a better life. However, their dream isn’t realized as they settle into their new home. As a teenager, Victor is recruited in a street gang. Before long, he is drug-dealing in an attempt to aid his struggling parents and brother. When his parents, Manuel and Lila, find out Victor is enslaved by drug use, they desperately search to find a way to rescue their son. In their search, they find out about a faith-based rehabilitation program. Is this Victor’s last chance?

This film seems like a refreshingly good quality movie that points to Jesus Christ. It tells an incredible true story of redemption, one that holds a message that needs to be heard.

You can see the full trailer here!


To find out more about the ‘Victor’ movie, visit  www.TheVictorMovie.com!

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