What Love Really Means

God wants our obedience, but he also want our love.

A while back, a girl asked me why God lets us disobey him. He can do anything, right? Why can’t he just make us love Him and obey Him? In other words, why does God value free will so much?

I was absolutely stumped. By the way, guys, I’m not an answer key! I had never really thought about that. Why DOES God value free will so much? What’s so important about being able to choose?

This is my conclusion: Free will is absolutely necessary in order for love to exist.

God made love. He made it good, and He made it beautiful. He didn’t make love to be confined to feelings. Love is an act of your will. Its a choice. Its a conscious commitment.

Because of this reality, it is possible for love to remain steadfast, and to be unconditional. God is the perfect example of this. Even though we reject Him over and over, He still loves us. That’s not a feeling. Feelings change. That’s a choice.

And just as God chooses to love us, so we can choose to love God. 1st John 5:3 says that we can act out our love for God by obeying His commands.

Do you see how this fits together? Love is impossible without choice. God wants us to obey Him not because we’re forced to, but because out of love we choose to.


That’s why God allows us to disobey Him.

Because of love.




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