A Letter To My Friends

This is a letter to some of my friends. They ask me all kinds of questions about my faith. They tease me about my quest for purity. They are appalled when they learn that I’ve done something wrong. This is what I wish I could tell them, and very well may:

Don’t you understand? It’s not about me! It’s not about being perfect,or following a list of rules. I struggle with sin, and I’ve dealt with a lot of the same things you have. I’ve failed, and I’ve fought. I battle with the temptation to sin every day, and every night. The difference between you and me is not that I don’t sin, and you do. No, the difference between us is that I’m free from sin. I have the ability  to say no to it because of Jesus. 

Let me tell you a story. God made everything, and he made it good. He made nature. Then humans decided to go against the nature that God created. We said, “No! Your plan is not good enough. I’m going to do it my way”. We rebelled against God.

You don’t realize how bad that is! Going against God doesn’t mean just hurting His feelings! It means there’s going to be consequences. Going against nature has terrible side effects, both on earth and for eternity!

No, we won’t be fulfilled by doing what we want. The choice we made to rebel against God has done its damage, and we can’t undo what we’ve done.  That’s where Jesus comes in. He died for us, and in doing so he freed us from our sin, letting us be under the sweet authority of the Creator once more. He freed us from ourselves.

Sinning is rebellion against God. Sin is not acknowledging who he is. And ultimately it destroys your life. Religion may seem unnatural to you, but in reality sin is unnatural. But it’s not about being perfect. Christians sin. And no, there’s not some magic set of rules to follow. The beauty comes when we acknowledge that imperfection and turn to Jesus to make us complete.

That’s what makes me different than you.

I’m not perfect, but that I know and serve the one who is. I can’t save myself, but I know someone who can save me.




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