Everything That Matters

When I look at my life through the lens of the future, what will I see?

What matters? What will last?

Will I see the trivial things – the lighthearted small talk I made with my friends everyday? What good is it? What good is any of it? Talking about sports, the latest in politics. Will I really care about those things?

Everybody’s searching. Why does it have to take so many years to find what we’ve been looking for? “What’s the purpose of life?” To have fun?

I look at the pictures in the hallways at school. The lifeless black and white pictures of people, just like us, who have come and gone. Millions of people, alive at the present age, searching. Even more that walked these very halls in generations past. Dreams fading. Hope lost in the struggle. Searching.

So I’ll ask the question again. What matters? What will last? What makes “me” significant in this never-ending cycle of passing shadows?

Christ does.

From the beginning of time, God has been writing this story – painting this portrait that has yet to be finished.

This epic story of redemption and sacrifice is where my life fits in. Because Jesus died for me, with all my flaws and all my mistakes. My identity is found in Christ. That’s where our purpose is found: to glorify the creator.

What will I see when I look at my life through the lens of the future? I believe I’ll see nothing but the lines of my story that were written for God, who sent His son to die in my place.

That’s what matters.

That will last.




2 thoughts on “Everything That Matters

    1. So true. I love how you said He is our foundation and stability. That’s something that I take much comfort in: knowing that while my emotions change, my social status changes, my surroundings change, He is always the same.

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