Calm in the Confusion

Hey y’all! First, I’d like to introduce myself to you! My name is Hayley and I’m 17. I’m the oldest sister to 4 … almost 5 kids: 3 brothers, 1 sister, and 1 yet to be known!! I’m home-schooled, and have been all of my life. I LOVE the outdoors and doing crazy things … I am not a girly-girl πŸ˜‰

When Tim emailed and asked me to write about what God was doing in my life, I felt overwhelmed … but then realized that a LOT has been happening. The topic was perfect πŸ™‚

My life has been insane lately. I’m at β€œthat” age, where everything is happening. There are many MANY decisions to be made and plans to be created. On top of all that, I’m big sister, chore-doer, doing school full-time, working a LOT, doing lots of volunteering, my mom’s expecting, and my family is building & moving. I’m sure I dizzied all of you with that! Hahaha!

Sometimes its so hard to find peace in the midst of the storm/chaos. There is ALWAYS something that needs doing, a commitment to keep, or a deadline to meet. I’ve been so busy that it has been a struggle to make time for God. Wow, that sounds so terrible when I write it. But … it’s true. My life is nuts. I’m going from seven or eight in the morning till midnight, crashing and then starting all over again. It’s enough to make me ill sometimes. I’ve been learning, however, that making time for God NEEDS to be a priority. I say β€œOh, maybe later.” But … does later really ever happen?? Not really. Making God a priority, spending time in prayer or in the Word is important. It helps in the midst of the chaos. He’s my Rock. Always there, never failing. He is my calm. Spending time with Him helps me to go into every day with a better outlook, and a peaceful view.

The last 12 plus months have not been the best in my life … there have been changes, people I was close to died, others died, friends were hurting, family was hurting, I got diagnosed with chronic back issues. Everything in my life seemed to be in disarray. There was ONE thing that was not.


In the middle of all the confusion, hurt, pain, chaos, tears, sadness, joy, happiness, love, anger … HE is constant. HE never changes. HE never fails, never gives up, never lets go. Several songs come to mind when I write this … Switchfoot’s I Won’t Let You Go, Kristian Stanfill One Thing Remains, and Tenth Avenue North I Have This Hope. Seriously, go listen to those … they are filled with words of peace, joy, and God’s never-ending, unfailing, eternal, and unconditional love, mercy, grace, peace, and joy.

We serve a truly amazing God, who loves us so much!!



You can find more of Hayley’s writing on her blog!

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