‘The Case for Christ’ Movie Coming to Theaters

Pure Flix Entertainment has produces some very high quality films in the past few years. From God’s Not Dead to Woodlawn, they’re undeniably stepping up their game. The  latest venture Pure Flix has taken on their shoulders is the incredible story of Lee Strobel, the ambitious Chicago Tribune journalist who set out to disprove the Bible.

The movie is based on the hugely successful novel of the same name, written by Lee Strobel. It describes the amazing story of Strobel’s mission to prove the Bible is fallible, after his wife told him she believed. Throughout the investigation, Strobel begins to doubt himself, and discovers the incredible truth of God’s word, as well as its personal implications.

The Case for Christ is going to be a great film – there’s no question about it! The trailer speaks volumes, and from the looks of it The Case for Christ will be a high quality, gripping, and powerful piece of art. It will strengthen the faith of believers, as well as clearly present the gospel to unbelievers who may watch it.

It’s important to get behind these kinds of films, because America needs more of them! America needs to return to God, and that starts in the hearts of the people. God can use movies like this one to speak to people’s hearts. Let’s pray for this film.


The Case for Christ will be released in theaters on April 7, 2017.





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