The Cross is The End of all Fears

I’m near the climax of a very intense book about spiritual warfare.

In the novel, there’s a young woman, who’s done everything she could to escape absolutes- to escape “right” and “wrong” and, worst of all, guilt. She’s fighting to hold on to her life, and at the same time trying to sort things out in her confused, disoriented mind. Finally, she encounters the cross, and this is what the author says:

Funny. Before she encountered the Cross, she saw no reason to live but feared death. Now she had a reason to live, but did not fear death at all.”

I have to stop right here. This quote is so profound!

Just think about that for a bit.


The Cross is the end of all fears. See, you can pretty much sum up humanity’s two greatest fears in two simple statements. One, humanity is afraid of a purposeless life. Two, humanity is afraid of death.

That almost sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But it’s not. In fact, they both have a lot to do with one another. The human race, deep down, knows there’s something more to life than what they’re living. They know that they’re missing something, that they’re not living how life was intended to be lived.

They know that life is worth living, but they don’t know why. 

The Cross is the end of both of these paralyzing fears. Because of the Cross, we have a reason and purpose in living. We know our mission in life: to glorify God and make Him known. There is a purpose. No matter what people tell themselves, we all need a purpose. Because of the Cross, death has no power over us!!!!!!! Yes, I think that deserves seven exclamation points! We are free from the bondage of sin, and it’s punishment, which is death. We have hope! We know where the destination lies, and that’s in Heaven.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we have absolutely no reason to fear. Fearless.




2 thoughts on “The Cross is The End of all Fears

  1. Praise the Lord! Powerful reminder Tim. It’s so sad how many of those people who know deep down there is something better are in our world…our communities…our colleges…our families. God intends for us to be a FEARLESS witness for Him! May we live so they can SEE that they also can have lives worth living.
    Let us live each day in Christ alone! ❤️️

    1. Amen! Who will tell the world? Who will tell the world of the purpose, hope, freedom, and love that Christ gives us? They need to know, and it should break our hearts that so many don’t. We DO have lives worth living, and a God worth dying for.

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