A List of the Best Christian Movies Ever

A couple weeks ago I received a request for a list of all the Christian movies ever made. I quickly realized that list would be longer than anyone would care to read, so I decided to make a list of all the BEST CHRISTIAN MOVIES EVER. Here it is, and I hope you will enjoy!

God’s Not Dead

(2014) – You need to watch this movie if you haven’t yet!

God’s Not Dead 2

(2016) – Great apologetic movie! It even features Lee Strobel!

Beyond the Mask

(2015) – Simply the best Christian Adventure movie ever made.

Do You Believe

(2015) – This film will challenge you.


(2015) – Perhaps the best Christian sports movie ever!

Miracles From Heaven

(2016) – Based on an amazing true story.

Facing the Giants

(2006) – A Christian ‘Remember the Titans’.


(2008) – An inspiring film about a man who fights for his marriage.


(2011) – This movie will have your heart racing and tears flowing.

War Room

(2015) – The latest from the acclaimed Kendrick Brothers!

Mom’s Night Out

(2014) – The best Christian comedy ever. Period.

The Grace Card

(2010) – A story of redemption and God’s grace.

October Baby

(2011) – An exceptional film. It’s a must see.

The Nativity Story

(2006) – This film captures the epic scale of the nativity.

Ben Hur

(2016) – Full of action and romance, yet ultimately points to Jesus.

Me Again

(2012) – A hilarious┬ácomedy featuring David AR White!

One Night with the King

(2006) – An epic retelling of the story of Esther.

Return to the Hiding Place

(2016) – An eye-opening film and a sequel to ‘The Hiding Place’

Grace Unplugged

(2013) – An inspiring story of a talented young singer.

Amazing Grace

(2006) – The epic true story of William Wilberforce


(2016) – The Resurrection through the eyes of a nonbeliever.



What do you think? Are there any movies you would add or subtract? Please comment below!

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  1. Yes! I’ve seen most of these movies… And I love the new Ben-Hur! Also, October Baby is another one of my favorite movies. And Do You Believe wow that one was life changing. And Beyond The Mask… You have a lot of good ones on here Tim!

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