Christmas and the Story of God’s Creation

God is an awesome author.

We read books and watch movies all the time. They all have an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. People craft their stories to have happy endings. We don’t think of life that way, do we? No, not every situation in life ends up how we like it, but zoom out. Let’s piece together this story of creation, from the beginning. Let’s talk of all the scenes in this story, all the parallels and reflections of Jesus in the Old Testament. Lets talk about the exposition, the rising action.

I imagine the turning point in this epic novel.

This part of the story is so breathtaking that we revisit it every year: the story of JESUS. How God walked among us. How He lived a blameless life in the midst of human temptations. How He died, and in doing so tore the curtain of sin between God and man.

Turn the pages, and we start to see how this all fits together.

God masterfully crafted time into His great poem, the best story ever written! You may notice that part of this book is left unwritten. Yup, that’s the future- after now and before the end. God hasn’t written that part yet, but He knows exactly how this thing’s going to play out. WOW!

That’s what I call an epic. People can spend all the money they want creating all the films, books, and art they want. No matter how hard they try, those stories will never match up to the original.

I believe in the end, everyone will stand back and see the whole picture, and be amazed. It’s better than anyone imagined.

I challenge you to not wait until the end. Be amazed now.

Our God is an awesome God!

2 thoughts on “Christmas and the Story of God’s Creation

  1. Thank you for helping us stand back a bit. Yes, you’re right…there is indeed a grand scene that is unfolding and I think its wonderful that we are able to experience being part of God’s unfolding plan.

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