Jamie Grace to Release New Album

Yes, it is true! Jamie Grace has announced, rather discretely, that she is finalizing her latest album, and it will be available…

Drum role please.

February 10, 2017! It has been awhile since Jamie has released an album, and listeners only got a taste of her new music with the recent release of her single, “Party Like A Princess”. The song showed a dramatic shift from her usual style. While her previous albums were filled with a sunny, hopeful twist of hip hop and pop, her newest release moved to more of a monotonous electronic tone. While many of her fans embrace this new style as musical growth, others are worried that Jamie Grace is straying too far from what made her so good in the first place.

Whatever the case, the album release date is set, and we are all anxiously awaiting the new music! This will be the first album of hers not released under the Gotee Records banner, so it is a huge step in many respects.

Watch the video below. The announcement is at the end!

One thought on “Jamie Grace to Release New Album

  1. Personally I liked Jamie Grace’s original style better, her most recent single was rather disappointing. I hope that she will exceed my expectations with her new album, as I used to be a big fan of hers.

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