Timeless Life

Sometimes I cry.

I look back on my life, and it’s sad. Not because my childhood was bad, not at all. It’s because God has blessed me so much, and I can’t go back. Why can’t I relive those times, the times I revisit so often in my memories?

Those were the days.

I would catch lizards, and then set them free a few hours later. I would create my own fantasy worlds. I would dig a swimming pool in the dirt with my friends. I would share the golden moments of Christmas with my family. I look at my little brother, and I remember when he was a baby. Kids grow up so fast, right? That’s what my parents would say.

I also have the feeling when I waste my time. Boy, did that day go by fast! Really, I feel it all the time. A longing for the past, because time moves so fast.

However, there is hope.

This is my comfort.

Though all the things in this life are temporary, Jesus is my escape from time. The things I see around me right now seem appealing, but I will blink. I will blink and they will be gone. Time goes by so fast, and it’s hard to keep up with, but this is not all there is. There is life everlasting, and it was paid for by Jesus!

I only have a little time on this world, but after I die, God will take me out of time, into eternity.


Live wholehearted. Run wild. Live free. Love strong. We are only given a small portion of time on this planet in space. I want to live it for Christ. No looking back!




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