MercyMe Announces New Album

MercyMe has been around for awhile.

Their first album was released in 2001, entitled ‘Almost There’. In 2004, they released an album with their hit song, ‘Homesick’, which is still plays on the radio occasionally.

However, their real claim to fame came in 2009, with their song, ‘I Can Only Imagine’, which quickly climbed the Christian charts and made a lasting impression of Christians in America.

MercyMe’s last album, not including the Christmas project in 2015, was in 2014. ┬áRecently, they announced a new album! This time, they want to do something completely different. In their words, they want “want you to come along on the journey with us”. In other words, they are using a popular site called Pledge Music to fund the project.

Now, it’s quite evident that they do not need crowdfunding in order to fund the project. The reason they are using Pledge Music is that they want it to be interactive with their listeners.

Pledge Music allows you to receive prizes based on how much you donate. For example, you can but an autographed guitar. You can even pre-order the CD!

This will be MercyMe’s 9th studio album, so it’s a pretty big deal! the new album, currently untitled, will be released March 31st, 2017.

Click here to see MercyMe’s Music Pledge page!


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