Beyond The Darkness – Behind the Scenes

I recently got to chat with the director of the exciting (and cool) movie Beyond the Darkness. Danny Carrales is actually a REALLY nice guy! We talked about a lot of things, but one thing I thought was interesting was this:

In the movie, angels and demons battle each other in the spiritual realm. Carrales went along with the Biblical accounts of angels with flaming swords. The flames were obviously edited into the movie after the filming was done, similar to how Star Wars did their light-sabers, but they still needed to use swords for the actual fighting.

According to Carrales, they needed to use “real” swords (made of metal) for the closeups, but when fighting they used swords made of hard plastic.

As we all know, getting hit by hard plastic hurts a lot, even though it’s, well, plastic. The director found this out the hard way. One day, while walking past some practicing angels (quite literally), one of the actors blindly hit him with the end of his sword!

The environment was kept as safe as possible, but the actors inevitably got nicked and bruised. They were really banging eachother, trying to keep it as real as possible.


Carrales recalled that Donny Boaz had a really tough job, because he was doing a lot of the stunt work on top of acting a lead role in the film. In Beyond the Darkness, Boaz plays the angel Gabriel.

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