Will there be a God’s Not Dead 3?

Ever since God’s Not Dead 2 was released, people have been asking the same question. Will there be a God’s Not Dead 3?

Pure Flix Entertainment’s first major success was the release of God’s Not Dead, the story of a college student defending the existence of God in the classroom. The movie took in well over $60 million in the box office, with plenty more when it came to DVD sales. That was on a budget of only a couple of million dollars.

In 2016 Pure Flix tried to recreate the success of God’s Not Dead with a sequel. While not as successful as the first, the movie still made over five times its budget in the box office. With the financial success also came social criticism. With the surprise success of the first film, critics took note. Because of that, God’s Not Dead 2 took a lot more heat than the first movie.

In October of 2016, David AR White somewhat confirmed the making of a third movie in the series. He said in an interview with CBS News that the rumors of God’s Not Dead are true, “as far as I know”. He also said that There’s a lot of prayer going into the third film, especially on what the plot should be.

Is a third film a good idea? Yes, yes it is. This is why. First, it will almost definitely be a financial success. Though it’s unlikely that it will make as much as the first movie, or even the second, there is almost no way that the movie will not make well over what it will cost to make. One of the reasons it’s almost promised success is the name itself. For example the God’s Not Dead Facebook page has over 8 million followers. It will also continue to boost Pure Flix’s reputation and brand name. Besides the financial aspect, a third movie in the series will, as the first two have, be faith affirming. It will call believers to arm themselves in truth in order to defend themselves when challenging questions come their way. It will also serve as a wake up call, for Christians to unite in the face of potential persecution.

For these reasons, I am looking forward to seeing God’s Not Dead on the big screen one last time, and you should too.


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